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Loans FAQ's

How do I make my loan payment?

There are several option available to make your loan payment. These include: Transfer funds from your Internet Banking account online FREE. Have a payment automatically withdrawn from your account monthly. Mail payments in every month.

Are there any penalties for paying my unsecured loan off early?

No. Our bank does not assess any penalties for early payoff. If you would like to make additional principal payments to your loan, please contact a bank representative for assistance.

How will I receive my loan proceeds?

Our bank offers several options to receive your loan proceeds. Details regarding your loan proceeds will be determined during your loan closing with your servicing loan officer.

How is a variable rate different from a fixed rate?

Fixed rates do not change over the term of the loan. A variable rate, known as a floating or adjustable rate, can change over the term of the loan. Variable rates adjust periodically and are based on a standard market rate outside bank control.

How is a secured loan different from an unsecured loan?

With a second loan, customers are banking the loan with a pledge of collateral, such as a car or home. With an unsecured loan, also known as a signature loan, the loan is not backed by any collateral.

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