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Stop Debit Card Fraud; 6 Things You Can Do Image

Stop Debit Card Fraud; 6 Things You Can Do

In the past few weeks there has been a couple fraudulent events take place that hit close to home, from the card skimmers at gas stations to the company wide Hy-Vee data breach. Hackers, cyber-criminals, and thieves are getting smarter by the day and sometimes you feel like you have no control what information they steal. Regardless how they steal the information, it will make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Amidst that looming feeling, there is something you can do to help lessen the impact fraud can have on our your life. In fact there are many things you can do to help protect yourself against debit card fraud.

Here are 6 ways to help stop debit card fraud.

1. Use Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to view your account information and see transactions right away. So if you see a transaction that is suspicious you can contact the bank right away!

2. Set Up Bank Alerts

Along with online banking and checking your balance routinely, you can also set up alerts for anytime your debit card is used. These alerts can be sent via Text Message or email so you are notified right away about a withdrawal or purchase made without your knowing.

3. Destroy Old Debit Cards

When you get your new debit card make sure you are shredding your old one. You don’t want old cards falling into the wrong hands.

4. Use a Credit Card

Using your debit card is easy and convenient as the funds come directly from your account balance. But sometimes using a credit card can offer more protection against fraud. Plus you can even earn points and rewards. Check out Stockgrowers credit cards that offer low rates and reward points for every dollar you spend.

5. Look out for Phishing Scams

Phishing is when cybercriminals contact you and attempt to get private and sensitive information from you, such as banking, debit card and credit card info, online account details, and passwords. If someone contacts you in any way and the information they’re requesting is out of the ordinary, don’t give them any info. Be vigilant and only provide information to companies and individuals you contacted and you initiated conversation with.

6. Use the Mobile App to Block & Un-Block Your Debit Card

Did you know the Stockgrowers Mobile App has a feature where you can “block” your debit card? Yep, it is like pressing the pause button on your remote. If you find yourself missing your wallet or leaving your card at a restaurant, you can hop on the mobile app or online banking and block your card. Then when you get it back in your hands you can log back in and un-block your card.

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